Where is the festival?

Nyege Nyege Festival is located at the Nile Discovery Resort. A luscious 6 acre forest on the banks of the river Nile, just a kilometer away from the actual source of the River. The closest city is Jinja which is 1km away.


How far is the festival from the campsite?

Camping is next door to the festival site, not more than a 3 minute walk.
There are local bars and various food stalls spread all around the festival site.

Dates & Opening hours

The camping opens at 1pm on Thursday 6th of September.  The Festival begins on the evening of the 6th with an all night opening party. There is no access to the site before this time. The festival closes On Monday morning (10th of September) when the last DJ decides to pull the plug. All campers need to vacate the site by Monday 10th of September.

Music officially starts on Thursday 6th of September at 7pm with an opening party. The festival closes on Monday morning 10th of September 10am when the music stops. The full music program will be communicated one month before the festival.

What access do I have?

The full festival pass gives party heads access to the festival site and all stages. Access to the camping requires a separate Camping Pass that can be purchased before on our various ticketing platforms.

To enter the campsite you must have both a full festival pass and a separate camping wristband.


Festival tickets include four days of music and gives you access to the festival. For tickets click here.

You must have a valid Festival Ticket as well as a campsite pass to enter the campsite. 4 day pre pitched comfortable tent packages (for 1, 2 or 3 people with comfortable new mattresses) are available on our various ticket platforms.

Which outlet should I buy my ticket from?

Festival tickets are on sale at both Physical locations in Kampala, Jinja, Kigali and Nairobi as well as online via our different ticketing partners.

For online tickets please visit Mookh for Kenya, Tamu Deals for Rwanda, Fixers for the rest of the Universe.  More info available on our tickets page.

Day Tickets

Day tickets are not available in advance but subject to availability, can be bought at the festival entrance as day passes or a full festival passes.

In the event that the festival is sold out announcements will be made in advance and we do not guarantee that day tickets will be available on the door.

On-Site Accommodation

When does the campsite open? When can I check-in?

The campsite is officially open to Nyege Nyege Festival customers from 1pm on Thursday 6th  of September to September the 10th.

How much does camping cost?

If you have your own camping gear we provide a secure comfortable Camping site with Toilet and Shower facilities for 30’000 UGX per person for the entire festival.  The camping grounds are a 2 minute walk from the main festival site.

Can I buy or hire a tent when I arrive or do I need to book it in advance?

Brand new comfortable pre-pitched tents are available for hire. We offer tents for 1/ 2 or 3 people with new mattresses.

Can I bring a Camper Van into the campsite?

We do not have Camper Van access inside the festival but Camper Vans can park in our secure parking outside the festival.

Can I bring my pet dog/cat/hamster?

Pets are not allowed anywhere within the campsite, and festival, grounds. If you are looking to bring a pet you will need to stay off-site.

What can/can’t I bring in the campsite?

No drinks can be brought to the festival site. All drinks (including water) will be sold at regular Uganda prices with no markups so there is no economic incentive to bring your own drinks.

Alcohol will be sold at the festival at regular Uganda prices, (3500 – 5000 UGX for beers) including bottles of spirits. NO GLASS can be brought into the festival site.

There is a wide range of food available at the festival site at all price ranges from local food to Nigerian and Ethiopian to Japanese and Indian. 

Is there any secure storage on the campsite for my camera/money/passport?

Secure safety lockers will be available at the festival site 24 hrs a day. It is 25’000 UGX to rent a locker for all four days with a padlock also provided, but feel free to bring you own if you prefer.

Offsite Accommodation

Check Jumia travel for accommodation options or Air BnB. Please book early as hotels in Jinja are already getting booked.

Phone Chargers

Power sockets to charge will available at various points on the camp site and main festival site.

What do I do with my valuables at the festival ?

As with any festival it is strongly advised to avoid bringing any unnecessary valuables with you. Secure safety deposit will be available at the festival site 24 hrs a day. It is 25’000 UGX to rent a locker for all four days with a padlock provided.


What currency do I need on site?

The Ugandan Schilling is the currency in Uganda. No other currency is accepted. There are forex bureaus dotted around Jinja town 1km away from the festival as well as banks who do currency exchange.

Will there be any ATMs on the site?

Yes there is an ATM service provided by Yujo Restaurant on site with a 5 % commission.

Also MTN mobile money agents will be present across the site.

Otherwise there is an ATM 5 minutes away from the site as well as several Atm’s in Jinja Town including international banks like Barclays.

What are the general costs at the festival?

Main dishes in restaurants range from 2’000 UGX to 20’000 / Sandwiches and snacks from 1500 UGX – 10’000 UGX / Beer 3500 UGX – 5000 UGX for a half a litre / Spirit + Mixer between 5’000k – 10’000 k/ Cocktails between 10’000 UGX – 15’000 UGX/ Packet of Cigarettes 4000 UGX.


Affordable Flights

You can use Skyscanner or Kayak to find the cheapest flights available to Entebbe.

The nearest airports to the festival site are Entebbe International airport which is about 4 hour drive away from the Festival Site.

Airport Transfers

For those flying to the festival, the easiest way to reach is by private taxi hire. A 4 person car (3 with lots of Luggage) is fixed at the airport at 200K (44 Euros) . Please visit the MTN Nyege Nyege Welcome booth immediately outside of arrivals for more info.

Car parking

There are secure car parks outside the festival site for a few. Whilst we control the quality for the service provided we don’t control the price but they are usually for 25’000 UGX for all four days.

Local public transport to the festival

Buses and Matatus (Shares mini buses) regularly leave every 5 min from Kampala.

All transport will drop you on the jinja road stage just before the Damn and the Nile river. From there any motorcycle taxi will drop you for about 1000 – 2000 UGX ( 5 min away). You can also walk to the festivals tire from this point in 20 mins.

Local transport at the festival

Shuttle buses
Shared shuttle buses will leave from the festival site regularly to town and back for 2000 UGX one way at the dedicated Taxi rank near the entrance to the festival.

Boda Boda (shared motorcycle taxis)
There is an official Buda stage just outside the main festival site about 20 m to the left of the entrance by the signpost. All prices are fixed and listed on the notice board. Please make sure the Buda Buda driver has an Official Nyege Nyege sticker with his registration number.

Set Prices from the stage are:
2k per person to nearby local hotels in Njeru (one way)
4k-5k for two to Jinja town. (one way)

Can I get a taxi easily?
You can use the Matatu service at the dedicated taxi rank a short walk away from the campsite.


Nyege Nyege this year has four confirmed stages (and possibly an extra secret stage):

Nyege Nyege has four stages this year with a star studded lineup featuring some of Africas best Underground artists as well as a host of exciting producers, dj’s and musicians from around the world.  Each Stage will feature state of the art sound systems.  View full artist line up

Most stages shut at about 8 am in the morning. The main stage and traditional stage begin at about 1 pm every day.  Nyege Nyege pretty much goes on for 4 days straight. Please remember to keep hydrated, and to try and get some rest in between.

Bell Stage

The Bell Stage is the main stage at Nyege Nyege where most of the live music performances are showcased as well as special commissions that will be premiering at the festival for the first time.

Eternal Disco Stage (Dark Star Stage)

The eternal disco stage has a brand new location this year, featuring an exciting lineup of some of the world’s most exciting electronic music artists on a state of the art Funktion One Sound system.

Tropical Stage

The tropical stage nestled right on the banks of the River Nile features a wide range of artists playing tropical sounds from around the continent and beyond.

Traditional Stage

The traditional stage will host over 100 traditional musicians from all over Uganda representing the incredibly rich traditions in music that Uganda hosts.  Performed with no electric amplification just as they have been for centuries in villages across the country we can expect some of the finest instrumentalists and percussionists performing in beautiful setting.

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